How A Bootcamp Course In InDesign Can Benefit Your Business

Adobe InDesign Training CourseWhether you are just starting a business or you are looking to improve the technology your marketing and design department is working with, an Adobe course in InDesign could be just what you need.

There are many benefits to not just having the right equipment for your business design work, but knowing how to use it properly. Here are just a few:

1) Produce marketing literature in-house

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) typically spend £24,000 a year on their marketing budget, according to eSift, hoping that promotional literature and online campaigns will significantly boost their public profile. However, a lot of this money is often spent outsourcing professionals, such as designers. By learning the tools of programs such as InDesign, businesses can save this money and pay a professional to work for them daily, which will help them stay ahead of the game and produce a lot more literature than they would if they commissioned every project externally.

2) Learn the basics through to the complex

This course, in particular, is very popular among SMEs as it goes through every detail of the program, teaching them everything from the basic functions through to complex design tools.

The ‘bootcamp’ style structure ensures it is an intense course that leaves no question unanswered when it comes to Adobe InDesign’s faculties.

3) Ongoing assistance

Not only will business owners or their marketing team learn how to produce posters, flyers, newsletters or computer-based pages of various sizes, typography and design, they will continue to receive assistance after the course has finished. The class includes three months’ email support from the InDesign tutor, giving attendees time to get to grips with the software and ask any queries that may crop up in the meantime. They also have access to online video tutorials for visual assistance.

As eSift’s findings show every £1 of advertising spend results in eight times as much benefit for an SME than it would for a larger firm, this shows how profitable it could be to invest in courses such as these that improve the skillset of employees to help the business in the long run.

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